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Progressive web apps (PWA) are a collection of technologies that improves user experience and is defined by Google.

The application is loaded from the server like applications on a computer but is more responsive to provide an app-like experience to users across all devices.Treating websites as an application can be a tremendous value add for your customers. The fact that your web application is accessible on mobile and desktop devices, with no need to install software makes it extremely convenient and easy to use. SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL’s PWA development team has several years of experience in creating high-quality PWA solutions for our clients, including companies from different domains like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and eCommerce.

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Our Approach

Progressive Web Apps are the future of mobile applications. They are web applications that behave like native mobile applications, providing a sleek and enjoyable user experience.No matter what your business is, you can take advantage of PWAs. We provide AMP and PWA development services that focus on:

Greater speed and performance, which mean an improved user experience.
A streamlined installation process, so users don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading an app from an app store.
The ability to reach any device, from phones to tablets to computers.
Ability to meet the needs of end-users while taking into account the peculiarities of the business and industry.

Luckily for you, we’ve got all the skills you need under one roof here at SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL!
We have years of experience developing apps for businesses just like yours, so you can rest easy knowing that your project will be handled by a team that knows exactly what they’re doing.
If you’re ready to get started on your PWA project today, contact us for a free consultation! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our services or help you determine if PWA development is right for you.

Technologies We Work With

A number of technologies are used to develop Progressive Web Apps. However, it’s predominantly based on JavaScript, which has a number of features.The leading technologies we use for creating PWAs are:






Available PWA Development Services

PWA offers a native-app user experience on the web. Using the same code across all platforms and devices also reduces the time and cost of development. Keeping working offline or with poor network connectivity, PWAs allow you to leverage Google search.

PWA Web Development
Progressive web development is a method of developing web applications in which all of the resources are downloaded to the user’s computer rather than being accessed through a server.
PWA’s provide users with an app-like experience, which enables them to access web content offline, receive push notifications and utilize hardware APIs like geolocation. PWAs are a hybrid between a website and an application. They have most of the functionality of a native app and can be used on mobile devices.

Progressive Web Design
Progressive web design is an amalgam of responsive web design (RWD) and PWA. In terms of user experience, they have a lot in common. Technically, PWA can be viewed on all devices, plus it has a modern touch that makes it more app-like.
Both these approaches to web development draw most of the benefits from the Web, including:
A single URL and codebase for all platforms
Secure HTTPS
Easy discoverability and constant updates

PWA App Shell Model
The App Shell Model is one of the most popular frameworks to develop PWAs. This model helps in developing PWAs that are not just beautiful but also fast, SEO friendly, and secure.
It optimizes the performance of your web app by building it around a core-shell instead of loading all its components at once. The shells are used to cache everything from styles to images to HTML components so that they don’t have to be rendered again during subsequent visits.


Whether you are looking to implement a Progressive Web App or completely revamp your current website, give SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL a call.We will look over your PWA development services requirements in detail and provide you with the cost estimates.

We will help you make the best choice for a web application that suits your business needs.

Our PWA development services are done by experts who can work as per clients’ guidelines and requirements, digitally transforming their idea into reality.

Features of Progressive Web App Development
PWAs can store parts of a web app in caches so that the next time a user opens it, it will load instantly. A service worker allows your web app to intercept and handle network requests, such as managing multiple caches and minimizing data traffic. It also allows you to store offline data until you go online again.
Enhanced User Experience
PWAs are not limited by browsers or devices. With PWAs, you can access them instantly via a browser, and they load quickly too. PWAs are both mobile apps and websites in one and combine the best of both platforms. The combination of all these features provides the best user experience.
Push Notifications
Using Progressive Web Apps, we can now offer push notifications to your visitors. Push Notifications let you reach your visitors directly to their mobile devices without them having to download an app or provide personal details. Your engagement will increase when you can reach your visitors without them having to do anything.
Lower Cost and Auto Update
In comparison to native apps, PWAs are cheaper because of their easy development and support. Their cross-platform capabilities make them a cheaper option too. They are easy to distribute since they do not require publishing to an app store and do not require any updating.
SEO Friendly
Search engines have historically had difficulty discovering, crawling, and accurately indexing content heavily reliant on JavaScript. With SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL, you don’t have to worry about your PWAs being not SEO friendly. Our PWAs are designed to work with any browser or device regardless of the user’s choice.
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