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Product development is a series of steps from conceptualization to marketing a newly created product, brand, goods, or service.

The main goal is to grow, maintain and increase the company’s market related to that product. SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL assists clients in identifying new trends, understanding market demands, and developing software products that bring actual benefits to the users. 
We assist firms to capitalize on cutting-edge innovations and utilize robust frameworks and effective workflows to produce a flexible and comprehensive product. We make sure to expedite the product life cycle and optimize release administration with one of the top software product development teams around the globe. Our most vital point is our capacity to react to evolving business requirements while maintaining high quality.

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Our Approach

Your ideas will be created and launched to market with product development services and solutions from SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL. We collaborate with you to comprehend, evaluate, develop, construct, and promote the final product. We assure incredibly efficient and dependable product development utilizing contemporary and fluid lifecycle approaches, based on our years of product development services expertise. We can ensure your complete success at each phase of the project with the help of our professional staff.
We assist you in forming an agile group of developers, strategists, and project managers around the talent you require. You’ll have complete control over the team’s level of engagement.
Dedicated developers are available for individuals with no managerial level; they work on any project you want them to work on. Our managed project approach allows you to delegate your tasks to a member of our team that you have hand-picked. Send us your specifications, and we’ll get started right away!

Available Product Development Services:

Our software product developers are committed to learning about your consumers’ demands, swiftly verifying hypotheses, lowering risks, and continuously refining our processes to create an extremely effective and flexible product development life cycle centered on the Lean approach. SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL always step forward to provide these product development services:

Quality Insurance Service:
SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL’s global software quality assurance (QA) and confirmatory testing help you develop consistently good assurance methods and ensure your software applications’ security and reliability. 
We guide the most effective quality assurance procedures and assist in their design and implementation. Our professional software quality assurance services ensure that your products are always of the highest possible standard.

Support and Maintenance Service:
We provide various Application Support and Maintenance Services to ensure the quality and performance of your apps throughout their lifespan, from conception to design, implementation, upkeep, support, and retirement.
We improve communication and help solve any challenge that prevents producing value by using a technology-agnostic strategy and harnessing the strengths of our partner’s software ecosystem. We’ve got you covered from application lifecycle management consulting and evaluation through portfolio management, quality assurance, testing, ongoing support, and app optimization.

Testing Products Service:

We use test pyramids from the beginning of the project kickoff at SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL. We guarantee that the provided code is pure and high-quality by integrating production, unit test cases, and refactoring.

DevOps Services:
Our DevOps services are supported by a team of production and delivery veterans that can assist you with analyzing, designing, constructing, automating, and implementing DevOps according to your Application Lifecycle Management ecosystem’s demands.

Our Process
While working on the projects, this is our process to the road to successful product development.
Empathizing with the customer entails taking the time to know the user’s wants and expectations. The most important feature of this phase is to eliminate assumptions and conduct studies to grasp genuine user requirements better. Understanding the exact consumer requirements helps us better process the whole project.
Before we solve the problem, we first define the statement of the problem. The information acquired in the ’empathize’ step must be consolidated and then examined to establish a factual issue statement. This is also one of the crucial steps in Product Development.
After the problem has been defined, the next step is to brainstorm possible solutions. In this stage, creative and diagonal reasoning is used to think outside the box and find a solution. We used to brainstorm several ideas to come up with the most exact one.
After all of the brainstorming has been completed, this stage is where the item is built. During this phase, a concrete product is created. This is our second-last step for the complete product development.
Launch & Support:
The prototype must be produced and put through its paces during this phase. The testing outcomes will decide whether the entire design thinking needs to be redone or whether only minor tweaks need to be made here and there.

How do we ensure the quality of your Product Development?

Strong Premarket Testing:
Going to market with a brand-new product comes with many unknowns, and customer behavior does not always match the preliminary research findings. At SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL, we thrive in the face of uncertainty and collaborate with you to develop prototypes that verify pre-market research and ensure product-market fit.

We Focus on the Customer’s Experience:
Customer experience is no more a secondary consideration. The creative teams are brought in early on every development we work on to ensure that every element is well-thought-out and meets customers’ requirements.

We Track the Progress:
During the development of any product, transparency is essential. As a result, at SPEEDFORCE DIGITAL, you always have a comprehensive image of our team’s productivity, milestones met, and quality of products. Extensive and automatic QA testing guarantees that your app meets the highest quality standards are available.

Benefits of our Product Development Services:

Here are the few perks of acquiring our professional Product development services;

Custom Development:
Our custom development service comprises product concept, design, production, launch, support, maintenance, growth, and the end-to-end procedure of generating goods.

Dedicated Developers:

Dedicated developers are available for individuals that desire direct connection with no management levels. They work just for you on any project you want them to work on.

Scalable Solution:

We provide unique product development solutions for every business ranging from small-sized to enterprise businesses. Our dedicated team is always open to serve any industry.


What are the Main Steps of Product Development?
There are five main steps to developing a product. The first one is Empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and then launching and supporting the product.

How much does it cost to hire a product development team?
It can cost you around $10,000 to $30,000. However, this amount varies greatly depending on the scope of the project. You’ll be better prepared to finance your project without unexpected costs if you decompose your costs per investment stage.

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